Hi. My name is Greg and I am a

I am many things.

If the old saying is true, our photos speak volumes. They tell our stories, share our emotions, and convey our thoughts. Capturing these moments for others to see is what I aspire to accomplish each day.

I'm one of those software developers who have started out as a back-end developer, and gradually moved towards front-end technologies. Currently, my title is Senior Front-end Developer, but the work I'm doing has more to do with User Experience Design.

If you want to know more about my professional experience, feel free to check out my LinkedIn page.

Music gallery.

If there was ever a truly universal language, I believe music occupies that spot. Below are some photos taken during a recent recording session I was privileged to sit in on.

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Nature gallery.

I have always found time in the wild to be comforting and refreshing. Inspiration abounds at every corner in the great outdoors.

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